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A common practice is to divide fine art into genres. This allows you to classify and combine paintings by common features of various artists. In L`Art gallery, you will find following genres: Architectural, city landscape, industrial, historical, marine, still life, landscape, portrait, sport, story composition.

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All paintings in our art gallery were created by true talents who managed to capture the depth and beauty of the world and put it on the canvas. The majority of our artists are famous in Ukraine and well known in the world. Most of them were the members of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and were taking part in national and foreign exhibitions. In our gallery you can find: Joseph Bokshay, David Burlyuk, Nikolay Glushchenko, Viktor Zaretsky, Fedor Zakharov, Konstantin Lomykin, Vasily Nepiypivo, Victor Sevastyanov, Valentina Tsvetkova, Sergiy Shishko, Tatyana Yablonska and many others.

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All paintings

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In this section, you will find all paintings of Ukrainian impressionists of the 20th century. Each of the artist is characterized by a unique vision of the surrounding world, own style and сolor palette.  But we know that it is not always easy to find a canvas that will fully meet your expectations and requirements. To simplify the selection process, we developed a convenient and simple filter system that will help you navigate through a wide variety of genres and artists. Just specify the parameters that are important for you and find the paintings that you have been looking for!


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