Bondarenko Petro Kuzmich

(1915 – 1992)

Bondarenko Petro Kuzmich – was born on 30th of August, 1915 in Chernyanka village, Belgorod region. He studied at Leningrad Institute of Engineering Communal Construction. Mentors: Yankin M., Tirsa M., Behringer V., Efros G., Lebedev G. Worked in the field of easel and monumental decorative painting. Since 1960 he participated in republican exhibitions. Personal exhibition was held in Lugansk in 1968. Major works: "Blue Spring" (1958), "At the Pier" (1959), "Years Young" (1960), "Among Flowers" (1962) and others. The artist died in 1992.

"Apple trees" "Apple trees"
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"Blooming garden" "Blooming garden"
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"Bench" "Bench"
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