About Us

About Us

L`Art Gallery is the place where you may find paintings of Ukrainian artists in oil, gouache, watercolor, pencil.

The ability to feel the beauty of the surrounding world and transfer it on the canvas with the help of brushes and paints is a great gift, which has many connoisseurs. L`Art Gallery provides great opportunity for everyone who is passionate about the art to plunge into the fascinating and beauty world created by Ukrainian impressionists of the 20th century.

Real masterpieces have never been so close before.

Our main goal is not just to sale paintings, but also to show power and mysterious of colors of fine art, open new horizons and tell about life and inner world of its creators. That is why for visitors in our online gallery are available a wide variety of paintings and you can make the choice in accordance with your preferences.

Among the presented works, you will not find reproductions. Professional consultants will help you to select only original paintings that best suit your taste preferences, interior design and its stylistic orientation.

Paintings that are selling in our gallery will be perfect decision for those who want:

  • To improve comfort, coziness, create a unique microclimate own home.
  • To give a unique style for his own office, administrative, shopping and entertainment centers, bars, restaurants.
  • As a great, all times wished gift, which can satisfy any person

Online store of L`Art Gallery – the best solution for everyone who wants to buy a real masterpiece.

If you want to buy oil, watercolor or any other art technique painting, we recommend using the services of our art gallery. If you choose our gallery, you will get such advantages:

  1. A wide selection of painting of Ukrainian impressionists of the 20th century.
  2. The opportunity to see live each painting which you like by visiting our gallery, located in the cultural center of Kyiv, Podil district, 30A Andriyivskyy Descent street.
  3. Our customers do payment only after they are convinced of the quality and authenticity of painting by their own.
  4. When buying painting you also receive a certificate confirming the authenticity of the work and belonging to a particular artist. If it is necessary to take the painting out of Ukraine, our gallery, within 2-3 days makes permissive documents in the relevant government agencies.
  5. Prompt delivery – Ukraine and abroad.

We will be always glad to see you in L`Art Gallery (Kyiv, Podil district, 30A Andriyivskyy Descent Street) as well as on the pages of our website. We always have unique painting, the most famous artists and fair prices!

Get the price of the painting:

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This painting will be presented by our gallery for the auction in mid-May. The exact date will be announced later due to uncertainty due to quarantine in the country. But you can leave your contact details to be the first to get information on the exact date of the auction.




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