Our story

L’ART Gallery is a private business run by Lagoyda family and represents its amazing collection of the paintings that is constantly enhanced with new original artworks. The Gallery was founded in 2005 named Dyvo. Later in 2017 it was rebranded with new name L’ART Gallery. Since then it serves Ukrainian and international clients with the unique original paintings.

Our collection

Our collection consists of over 4 000 original paintings of Ukrainian artists of the 20th century. We mainly offer Socialist Realism, Impressionist art pieces, but other styles like expressionism, abstract art are available as well.

The gems of our collection are the works by Mykola Gloutchenko, Sergiy Shishko, Sergiy Grigoryev, Olexiy Shovkunenko, Fedir Zakharov, Petro Stolyarenko, Valentyna Tsvetkova, Kostyantyn Lomykin, Roman Selsky, Adalbert Erdeli, Joseph Bokshai, Ivan Marchuk, Tiberius Silvashi, Anatoly Kryvolap and other famous names.

Understand Ukrainian art

Ukrainian Art history is complex. Like impressionism and post-impressionism were shaping art landscape in Western Europe by depicting constant change and longing for the simplicity, Socialist realism was equally important in the Soviet Union. The influence of that epoch clearly has its presence nowadays in Ukrainian society.

Real talents like Ivan Marchuk who wasn’t recognized and now is one of the 100 world living genius; secret agent Gloutchenko whose artworks was praised entire Europe, shows Ukrainian artists deserve their place under the sun. You can agree or disagree, but it’s better to check our collection and form your own opinion.

Visit us today

Ukraine is open for the world now and we’re located in the historical heart of Kyiv, right on one of the oldest and most charming streets in the city, Andiivsky descent. Once you enter, you will be surrounded by selected original pieces of well-known and talented Ukrainian artists. Also, we have created a virtual tour and now you can see our space from the comfort of your own home. To view click here.

Cooperation inquires

Are you an Art collector or an Art Gallery owner interested in the same type of art? Drop us a message, we may find our ways to cooperate in the future.

Are you an artist?

We work with our own collection and don’t organize any exhibitions yet. However, we would love to get to know you, so leave us your contact details together with social media and work you do. We may need you in the future.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram: @lart.gallery

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This painting will be presented by our gallery for the auction in mid-May. The exact date will be announced later due to uncertainty due to quarantine in the country. But you can leave your contact details to be the first to get information on the exact date of the auction.




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Our gallery buys socialist realism paintings. You can offer (or ask us to an estimate) the work of this artist using the form below. Please indicate the length and width of the painting. In addition to the main photo please add photo of the signature, and a photo of the verso. Leave your contact details and we will contact you within 24 hours for further discussion.




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